World’s most warm Canada goose down jacket shopping guide

Speaking of Canada Winter, you have to mention Canada Goose. Canada Goose jackets could be called the world’s warmest down jacket, Canada winter clothing.
Canada Goose are more expensive, but you can count on.
cheap Canada goose low key, but even Canada Prime Minister Du Luduo, Russia President Vladimir Putin likes to wear, celebrity to break out;Canada Goose expedition parka men currently there are no shops, but winters in New York, Paris, Toronto and other places the streets can proud,; Chinese new year, probably a lot Canada people want gifts is a piece of Canada Goose.


Canada goose the most reliable thing about insisted on “Canada” made, containing 2 million filaments per ounce of down, which can withstand a temperature of cold. Canada Goose Chilliwack bomber are more expensive, but its high price seems to be high profile to show off: “not everyone can have it.” High prices in part on increased customer desire for it. Canada Goose have good material, although relatively low-key restraint, but very practical, instead of flashy fashion doom. Even in the cold winter, a Canada goose can also be highly shines.

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Now, of course, Canada geese are also gradually introduce more styles and colors of clothing.
In December 2013, Canada and Boston fashion concepts launched by Lodge Hoody Ma-1. That same year, Canada geese and vintage denim brand Levi’s launched limited canada goose Banff parka, and Chilliwack bomber and free style vest.
In 2015, the Canada goose parkas released, become the most fashionable item in the winter. This summer, Canada e quietly launched the summer outdoor series, Canada goose is no longer just a winter’s “baby”.